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Baroque box inlaid with the Boullé technique

Barokní krabička, vykládaná technikou Boullé (1).JPG

Wood, brass, pearl, ivory, tin, glass. From the 18th century. Baroque shape. Hinged lid on hinges. Inside with handmade paper, glass and thin rails. Decorated all over the perimeter with delicate incrustations - brass, pearl, ivory, tin. Strongly damaged. France, 18th century. Height 12 cm, width 12.5 cm, depth 11 cm.

  • Author: Boullé
  • Measure: height 12 cm, width 12,5 cm, depth 11 cm
  • Material: wood, brass, pearl, ivory, tin, glass
  • Description: France, 18.th century
  • Price: 1.900 CZK
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