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Bowl with naked children and embossed flowers

Miska s nahými dětmi a reliéfními květy (1).JPG

White porcelain, painted, glazed. Oval bowl in the shape of a boat. Standing on four brown legs. Decorated around the perimeter with rose petals with leaves. The upper edge of the green, in the shape of a rope. On the front, in the middle, sitting boy with a garland of roses. On the back of a lying boy with a garland of roses. Marked from below by the letter F and number 192. Germany 1890 - 1930. Height 12.5 cm, width 17.5 cm. Partially damaged.

  • Signed: marked with the letter F and the number 192
  • Measure: height 12,5 cm, width 17,5 cm
  • Material: white, painted, glazed porcelain
  • Description: Germany 1890 - 1930
  • Price: 1.900 CZK
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