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Classicist commode, inlaid with cassettes

Komoda klasicistní s intarzovanými kazetami (1).JPG

Walnut veneer, solid oak, inlays. Rectangular top plate with bevelled rail. Decorated with two squares, framed by tape inlay. Inside veneer folded into the shape of a rhombus. Side panels with the same decoration, with one square. The drawer heads are decorated with two rectangles next to each other, framed by line inlay. Inside veneer diagonally folded into shape. Brass oval fittings, with handles. Decorated with embosed relief of palmets and rosettes. Shellac. Central Europe 1770 - 1810. Slightly bent top plate. Height 86 cm, width 126 cm, depth 67 cm.

  • Measure: height 86 cm, width 126 cm, depth 67 cm
  • Material: oak massive, walnut veneer, inlay
  • Description: Central Europe 1770 - 1810
  • Price: 38.500 CZK
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