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Biedermeier table with drawer

Biedermeierový stůl se šuplíkem (1).JPG

Walnut veneer, inlays, carving. Rectangular top plate with rounded rim. Slightly profiled. Decorated with inlaid at the edge of a pair of lines. Beneath the plate a rectangular drawer, with a wooden lock fitting. Four sophisticated prism-shaped legs, decorated with wider and thiner inlaid light lines. Legs joined together by concave-shaped side bars (struts). In the center, a horizontal horizontal carved bar, in the form of interconnected pins. Central Europe, Bohemia, 1830-1835. Height 77.5 cm, width 115 cm, depth 70 cm.

  • Author: Biedermeier
  • Measure: height 77,5 cm, width 115 cm, depth 70 cm
  • Material: walnut veneer, inlay
  • Description: Bohemia 1830 - 1835
  • Price: 22.000 CZK
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