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Big silver plated coffee maker - Wumak, Berlin

Velký stříbřený kávovar - Wumak, Berlín (1).JPG

Silver-plated common metal, glass, wood. In the form of a samovar. The lower part is circular, with rings, with three relief legs. Horizontal front withers, with wooden handle. Top of cylindrical shape, embossed with vertical décor. Inside the coffee presser. Removable round cap, arched, with rings. At the top of the glass hatch - the dome. An arched handle, rococo-shaped, black-stained wood. Marked below - Wumak, Gesetzlich (legally protected). Würtemburgische Metallmanufaktur Adolf Knecht, founded in 1899, Cannstadt, Stuttgart. Germany, Berlin 1920 - 1940. Height 48 cm, width 16 cm. 

  • Author: Wumak
  • Signed: marked from the below
  • Measure: height 48 cm, width 16 cm
  • Material: silver plated base metal
  • Description: Germany 1920 - 1940
  • Price: 4.400 CZK
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