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Dancing young man and a girl in traditional costum

Tančící mládenec a dívka, v kroji (1).JPG

Porcelain white, painted, gilded, glazed. Two statuettes. One sculpture with the subject of a young man. The second statuette with the theme of the girl. Rococo shaped high pedestal in crimson color. Decorated on the front with painted flowers, in an oval white gilded medallion. Statuettes dressed in traditional costume. On the back of the white plinth, with a bowl. Unmarked. Bohemia 1845 - 1860.

  • Signed: unmarked
  • Measure: height 24 cm, width 10,5 cm, depth 8,5 cm
  • Material: white, painted, gilded and glazed porcelain
  • Description: Bohemia 1845 - 1860
  • Price: 4.500 CZK
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