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Desk in the Second Rococo style with oval extension

Druhorokokový psací stůl s oválnou nástavbou

Both sided veneered. Walnut veneer, polished brass fittings, green stuff. Rectangular plate with rounded edges, curved front and center of the rounded front corners, in the middle with the pasted green cloth. In front of each side drawers pair above the other, the middle one larger. Hips straight with bottom ledge. Veneered back. Standing on the S-curved profiled legs. The upper body of the three joined elliptical shaped oval drawers, standing on half-circles and back flat plate, framed top profile rail. Second rococo decorative ironwork. Central Europe, 1840 - 1860. The height 112.5 cm, width 132 cm, depth 70 cm.

  • Measure: height 112.5 cm, width 132 cm, depth 70 cm.
  • Material: walnut veneer, brass
  • Description: 1840 - 1860
  • Price: 32.900 CZK
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