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Baroque wardrobe with inlays

Barokní skříň s intarzií (1).JPG

Walnut veneer, tape and line inlay of maple veneer and bog oak. Metal plates and original fittings. Wardrobe in the baroque morphological 3/3 19th century. Double door. Beveled front corners decorated with a pair inlaid strips in two fields, one above the other. On the door of the same tape inlay in the four fields in the middle of the complex ornament wrapping intertwined ribbons with star motifs. The sides identically decorated as a corner. The massive bottom frame. Standing on a rectangular prism of narrow legs with feet. Pierced metal door plates and within the original castle with wrought iron. Central Europe from 1870 to 1899. From the estate of the famous Czech actor Height 193 cm, width 180 cm, depth 72 cm

  • Measure: height 193 cm, width 180 cm, depth 72 cm
  • Material: walnut veneer, inlaid of maple veneer
  • Description: 1870 - 1899
  • Price: 38.000 CZK
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