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Rococo sofa with relief carving

Rokokové sofa s reliéfní řezbou

Massive wood. Backrest folded from flat panels, front decorated with Rococo carving seashells, flowers, rokaj, a fan and a floral motif, rounded domed with a motif roccaile at the top. In the lower third abutting portion adjacent triad upholstered padding. Upholstered supporting side convex-domed, flowing into the tightly curved legs decorated with carved cartouche and ending with stylized hooves. Seating in the middle frame decorated with carved flowers around the perimeter decorated with fine carving flutes. Armrests finished off fine carving Pinstripes. Lateral and vertical struts armrests. Europe 1740 - 1780. Height 107 cm, width 220 cm, depth 70 cm.

  • Measure: height 107 cm, width 220 cm, depth 70 cm
  • Material: walnut massive ?
  • Description: 1740 - 1780
  • Price: 11.900 CZK
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