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Commode Secrétaire with clock - Classicism

Komodový sekretář s hodinami - Klasicismus

Classicist komodový Secretary clock. The upper part-extension with volute roof, arched cornice curved-glass door in the middle of a round porthole on the side inlaid, hiding inside a functional borough clockwork with date window. In the middle of the sides, three drawers below. In the middle a large rectangular door with facet mirror. Hips straight. Standing at the bottom of stylized helix, volute. Decorated tape inlays of different type around the perimeter. The bottom part - three drawer chest of drawers with a flat top plate, with the framework inlays two fields, hips straight with a simple inlay. Fronts of drawers decorated with marquetry tape box full three abreast. The original bronze Rococo decorative ironwork. Different kinds of veneers and inlays. Central Europe from 1770 to 1800.

  • Measure: height 204 cm, width 124 cm, depth 64 cm
  • Material: various kind of veneer , inlay
  • Description: 1770 - 1800
  • Price: 199.500 CZK
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