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Neobaroque chair with carvings

Neobarokní křeslo s řezbami (1).JPG

Walnut solid wood, carving. Historicist Baroque morphology. Upholstered backrest, armrests and posts connected with upholstered seat. Front armrest twisted into volutes, decorated with vertical incisions regular and bottom protruding slats. Front armrest props rotated, decorated with carving volutes, shaped shell with transverse incisions. Prismatic columns transitioning into the seat carved legs. Feet up in the form of twisted shell, ending down zoomorphic paws. United in the middle crossed each other trestles with carved scrolls and central cone. Between the front legs horizontal cut relief frieze rocaille with a floral theme. Central Europe 1870 - 1890. The front of the seat upholstery slightly worn. From the estate of a prominent Czech actors. Height 126 cm, width 70 cm, depth 60 cm.

  • Measure: height 126 cm, width 70 cm, depth 60 cm
  • Material: walnut solid
  • Description: 1870 - 1890
  • Price: 17.000 CZK
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