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Baroque corner cabinet

Rohová barokní skříňka

Walnut veneer, solid oak. Line, Tape and burning marquetry. Double door. Corpus darker cabinets from solid oak with hanging slightly arched cornice cut with relief carving year and flowers. Semicircular strip contour of the ledge. The sides front straight, slightly arched domed doors with original fittings cut through. Four tape cassettes marquetry inlaid bounded, above symmetrical to each other on every door, with inlaid motive deer, year and the ongoing grid, down two identical, inlaid deer. The bottom frame is profiled in the middle of two plates with fine carving. Inside, original painted pattern with predominant floral decorations. Two shelves made of solid wood and fine carving in the middle. Tinned original fittings and locks. Standing on the S-curved legs ending in hooves. Central Europe from 1740 to 1780. In the original condition. Height 127 cm, width 60 cm, depth 40 cm.

  • Measure: height 127 cm, width 60 cm, depth 40 cm
  • Material: walnut venee, inlay
  • Description: 1740 - 1780
  • Price: 80.000 CZK
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