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Ring with enamels, petals and diamond

Prsten se smalty, lístky a diamantem (4).JPG

The gold ring, the shoulder and the upper part of the golden head. Fineness Au 500/1000, net weight 1 gram. Gold head support with purity Au 240/1000, net weight 0.30 grams. Repairs of base metal. Enhanced handles, decorated enamels. Crown of square shape. In the embossed frame frame decorated with enamel. Diamond embedded in the middle - a simple rosette Antwerp cut. Total weight 1.60 grams. The size of the ring 52. The two leaves are missing. Europe 1800 - 1850. Certificate of Assay Office.

  • Author: certificate of Assay Office
  • Measure: ring size 52
  • Material: gold of different fineness, diamond, enamel
  • Description: Europe 1800 - 1850
  • Price: 2.500 CZK
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