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Standing nude girls - Bretislav Benda, RAKO

Stojící dívčí akt - Břetislav Benda, Rako (1).JPG

Ceramic with white glaze. Designed by sculptor Bretislav Benda. Statue of a naked girl in an ancient pose. Hands resting on a column, located at the back. The cloth is laid down by the fabric (dress) next to the column of the amphora. Square small pedestal. Head without glaze. Marked at the back of the pedestal, signed - B. Benda. Below the manufacturer’s mark - Rako. Rakovnicke and Postorenske keramicke akciove zavody. Slightly damaged. Czechoslovakia 1920 - 1945. Height 51,5 cm, width 16 cm.

  • Author: Bretislav Benda, RAKO
  • Signed: signed and marked on the pedestal
  • Measure: height 51,5 cm, width 16 cm
  • Material: glazed ceramic
  • Description: Bohemia 1920 - 1945
  • Price: 3.300 CZK
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