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Gold set with ivory

Zlatá souprava se slonovinou (1).JPG

Honey, ivory. Consisting of necklace, earrings, bracelet. Bracelet round shape, relief spun. Decorated with golden wire. Earrings of an oval shape, decorated with a rolled gold wire. Handles and ends made of gold. Necklace at the bottom of three interconnected triangular ivory articles. Reliably decorated, with golden wires. Chain and handle, gold. Total weight 25.45 grams. Au gold fineness 585/1000, the net weight of 8.60 g. Gold of purity Au 550/1000, net weight 4.20 grams. Last century. Certificate of Assay Office. Bracelet diameter 7.5 cm length of earrings 3 cm, length 20 cm necklace.

  • Author: certificate of Assay Office
  • Measure: bracelet diameter 7.5 cm length of earrings 3 cm,
  • Material: gold, ivory
  • Description: last century
  • Price: 11.000 CZK
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