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Jewelry box with flower and mirror

Šperkovnice s řezbou květin a zrcadlem (1).JPG

Bright wood, carving, metal, mirror. Rectangular shape. Hinged lid on the hinges. Profiled strip at the edge. On the front, decorated with embossed carvings of flowers and leaves. Underneath, inside the original mirror. The central part decorated with relief friezes, with the motif of white daisies. Metal label of the castle. Inside the red color. Central Europe 1900 - 1930. Height 13 cm, width 27 cm, depth 19 cm.

  • Measure: height 13 cm, width 27 cm, depth 19 cm
  • Material: wood, metal, mirror
  • Description: Central Europe 1900 - 1930
  • Price: 1.300 CZK
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