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Large box with embossed cut ornament

Velká krabička s reliéfním řezaným ornamentem (1).JPG

Solid walnut, brass, carving. Chest shape. Upper hinged section with an adjustable ledge and a protruding upper middle section. Decorated with relief carving with historicist geometric elements. The central part is decorated in an alternating combination of a relief vertical strip and a square medallion. Bottom of the box with graded strip. Bottom solid frame decorated with embossed relief. Feet of low, prismatic shape. Brass lock and decorative label of the castle. Inside the fabric. Europe 1860 - 1900. Height 25.5 cm, width 37.5 cm, depth 23.5 cm.

  • Measure: height 25,5 cm, width 37,5 cm, depth 23,5 cm
  • Material: solid walnut, brass
  • Description: Europe 1860 - 1900
  • Price: 5.900 CZK
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