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Baroque table with Rococo inlay and grid

Walnut veneer, inlays, carving. Top rectangular shaped plate, ending with a half-round bar. Decorated on the rim of walnut veneer. Large field framed by inlaid black line. On the base of the root veneer, the richly inlaid rococo motifs shells and rocaille in a bright inlay. In the middle of an inlaid cartouche, with a space grip and prisms. In the middle part a longitudinal drawer, with a brass lock fitting. Four S-shaped legs, finned hooves. Decorated with embossed carvings with Rococo motifs, flowing smoothly into the lower middle of the table. French polish. Central Europe 1760 - 1790. Height 78.5 cm, width 99.5 cm, depth 73.5 cm. Price 39.500 ,- CZK.

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