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Column and Figural Portal Clock - Josef Scherzinger, Budweis

Wood, gilded brass, white metal, alabaster, carving, glass, gilding. Clock machine with anchor step, pendulous, with quarter beating. Bottom part of portal type, with convex shaped central part. Upper board decorated with a painted Empire theme. On the sides alabaster semi-collars, with cut gilded capital and basis. In front of a pair of wooden gilded soldiers, with brass sabers. Between them, above, the blue baldachin. At the top, a profiled hourly box with a clock machine. White metal dial, blue painted circles, black-painted Arabic numerals. Marked by the sign of the Watchmaker - Jos. Scherzinger in Budweis. On the sides of the flat ledge are gilded statuettes of lions, with vertical scrolls. On a triangular wooden gilded statue of an eagle. Clocks decorated with brass ornamental elements. Biedermeier, Bohemia 1820 - 1830. Height 74 cm, width 37 cm, depth 15 cm. No guarantee of accuracy. Price 45.000 ,- CZK.

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