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Glass carafe with silver - Maison Cardeilhac, Paris

Colorless cut glass, silver. Base, throat with lid, handle - silver. Silver of Ag 950/1000 purity. Net weight 200 grams. Total weight 1.296,80 grams. Circular graded base decorated with embossed strips with ribbons. Carafe made of clear glass, conical shape. Decorated with vertical cut flutes. Throat with hinged lid made of silver, inside gilded. Decorated with a historic Rococo embossed decor, motifs of roses, oak brooks, geometric ornaments. Handle in the shape of a rosette, with a pouch. Arched arched handle, round shape. Decorated with relief motifs, acanthus, granulation, tapes. Handle fastened with a flat, silver, narrow flap, with a base. Marked by hallmark (Minerva, valid since 1838), the name and the name of the jeweler - Cardeilhac. France, Paris, Maison Cardeilhac, Amélie Cardeilhac (1904-1920). A distinctive manufacturer of silver luxury items in Paris. Height 28 cm, width 17 cm. Certificate from the Assay Office. Price 38.000 ,- CZK.

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