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Silver cutlery for six people, in a wooden box

Polished silver, stainless steel, wood, cloth. Silver with Ag 800/1000 fineness. Net Weight 1.962.58 grams. Total weight 2.559.3 grams. Containing 53 pieces. Consisting of: 6 x large fork, 6 x large spoon, 6 x large knife, 6 x smaller knife, 6 x smaller fork, 6 x teaspoon, 6 x coffee spoon (gilded), 2 x scoop, 2 x fork, 1 x flat large spoon, 3 x paddle, 1 x sugar tongs, 1 x salt with a small spoon. Stainless steel knife blades marked Solingen. The handles at the top are narrower. At the bottom of the expanded to the shape of the fan, rounded. Chamfered edges, with facets. Marked by hallmark, silvery monogram - E.K. Wooden cassette, with side metal grips. Inside, lined with a gray cloth. Lockable. A wide flat edge on the front. In the middle oval metallic white label. Box size 11.5 x 50 x 40 cm. Czechoslovakia 1921 - 1928. Price 49.000 ,- CZK.

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