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Complete silver cutlery for six people

Massive polished silver. Fineness Ag 800 / 1000. Total weight 3,418.84 grams. Labeled hallmark, purity, name of the manufacturer (silversmith) F. N.. Approximate net weight of silver (excluding knife blades) of 2,824.51 grams. Consisting of 59 pieces: six large spoons, six large knives, six large forks, six small knives, six small forks, six fish knives, six fish forks, six dessert spoons, six teaspoons, large serving spoons, forks , a large serving knife - blades, ladles, dessert (compote) large spoon. Handles in the upper half narrow. At the bottom of the enlarged into a fan shape. Edges bevelled facets. Stainless steel blades. Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1940. Price 66.900 ,- CZK.

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