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Silver bowl with a portrait of a girl - Vincenz Czokally, Vienna

Polished and engraved silver. Fineness Ag 800 / 1000. Net weight 317.1 grams. In a historic neo-renaissance style. Round, rounded base with rings, decorated with engraved motif of leaves with stems. Middle part, column, with wider ring. Top, bowl, round concave shape, with a vertically profiled rim. In the middle of a round medallion, with a relief portrait of a girl in profile (in antique style). Top edge decorated with engraved plant motif. Vertical ornamental handles in neo-renaissance style. Marked by hallmark (Diana), makers mark. Vincenz Czokally, Vienna 1870 - 1890. Height 15.5 cm, width 23 cm. Price 8.000 ,- CZK.

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