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Oak table with roller shutter and balustrade

Dubový psací stůl s roletou a balustrádou (1).JPG

Oak massive, brass, metal. The upper part at the front is arched, cylindrical, with retractable roller shutter. The upper part is narrow, rectangular, with a balustrade made of pins and horizontal rods. Folded roller blinds with canvas, with pin-shaped handles. Inside at the back top of the drawer, in two rows above each other. Medium writing desk not decorated. Large drawer on the front, arched at the bottom. Side sides smooth. Four pyramid legs. Brass fitting lock in empire shape. The lock is missing. Europe, 19th century. Height 116 cm, width 91 cm, depth 67 cm.

  • Measure: height 116 cm, width 91 cm, depth 67 cm
  • Material: oak massive, brass, iron
  • Description: Europe, 19th century
  • Price: 16.500 CZK
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