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Pendant with garnets and river pearls

Přívěšek s granáty a říčními perličkami (1).JPG

Base metal, Czech garnets, pearls river. Drop-shaped. Bottom frame with embossed Czech garnets. Inner graded part in the form of pear, with embossed Czech garnets embedded. In the middle of a relief flower, with embedded river pearls (in damaged condition). At the top of the ring and the circular handle. On the back side is repaired. Bohemia 1840 - 1870. Height 3,5 cm, width 2 cm.

  • Measure: height 3,5 cm, width 2 cm
  • Material: pyrope, river pearls, basic metal
  • Description: Bohemia 1840 - 1870
  • Price: 1.500 CZK
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