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Round folding mahogany table - Biedermeier

Kulatý sklápěcí mahagonový stůl - Biedermeier (1).JPG

Mahagon veneer, carving. Round top plate. Decorated radially pleated mahogany veneer. From the bottom of the plate, the original folding metal closure mechanism. Center column with flat head and bottom with rings. Decorated in the lower part of the relief vertical floral decor (close-up petals). Base of triangular shape (tripod). In the middle part elevated. Decorated by carving the acanthus in the center on each side. Legs terminating in volutes. Type - Salontisch. Biedermeier, northern Germany 1825 - 1835. Height 78 cm, diameter 93 cm.


  • Measure: height 78 cm, diameter 93 cm
  • Material: mahogany veneer and carving
  • Description: Northern Germany 1825 - 1835
  • Price: 19.900 CZK
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