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Silver powder box with engraved edge

Stříbrná pudřenka s gravírovaným okrajem (1).JPG

Silver, mirror, fabric. Square-shaped, slightly curved profile. Hinged lid on hinges. The front side is decorated with a floral ornament engraved on the edge, in the middle with the motif of the grid. Inside a circular mirror, a strainer and cloth powder. Underside with vertical lines. Fineness 900 / 1000. Total weight 97.10 grams. Labeled hallmark, purity mark and silversmith. Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1940. Width 8 cm.

  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: width 8 cm
  • Material: silver, mirror
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1940
  • Price: 1.500 CZK
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