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Virgin Maria from Mariazell with St. Florian and St. Linhart - reverse glass painting

P. Maria Mariazellská, se sv. Floriánem a sv. Linhartem - podmalba na skle (2).JPG

Glass, painting. Dimensions 30 x 40 cm. Rectangular painting on glass with a motif of the pilgrim Virgin Mariazell place, St. Florian on the right, St. Linhart on the left. In the middle of the pilgrimage area depicted with a church in Mariazell. At the top, in the middle, P. Maria and Jesus, dressed in bell-shaped dress. On the sides, at the top, painted flowers. Simple frame with profile slat 35 x 46 cm. Southern Bohemia or Austria 1850 -1870. Certificate of sale and export of the National Heritage Institute.

  • Measure: 30 x 40 cm, frame 35 x 46 cm
  • Material: reverse glass painting
  • Description: Southern Bohemia or Austria 1850 - 1870
  • Price: 10.900 CZK
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