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Wall pendulum clock, with carving

Nástěnné kyvadlové hodiny, s řezbou (1).JPG

Walnut and black stained wood, carving, brass, glass. Violin shape. Black-stained front glass cabinet decorated with embossed floral carving. Two brass weights and a pendulum. Going. A white enamel with black Roman numerals. Clock hands, with cut-out décor. Side panels glazed. An arch-shaped ledge, with a carved shield. Ten-day run. Bohemia 1870 - 1910. Height 119 cm, width 47 cm, depth 15 cm.

  • Measure: height 119 cm, width 47 cm, depth 15 cm
  • Material: walnut and black stained wood
  • Description: Bohemia 1870 - 1910
  • Price: 17.900 CZK
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